Would you be lucky enough to own a Freedom 251?

buy modafinil nyc Does http://sdsignshop.com/product/for-sale-rider-6″t-x-18″w/?add_to_wishlist=2390 Freedom 251 ring any bell to you? A few months ago, a Noida-based company Ringing Bells made headlines after they launched the world’s cheapest smartphone which will be available in the market for a mere INR 251!

Would you be lucky enough to own a Freedom 251 Story 1

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However, despite being in the controversies during their phase, Ringing Bells is now back with the announcement that they are going to start the shipment of 2 lakh Freedom 251 handsets. The tricky part is, they do not have enough handsets. So Ringing Bells has come up with 2 lakh handsets against a total of 7.5 crore registrations as quoted by Ringing Bells CEO, Mohit Goel. As a result, the delivery date which was earlier set for June 30 is now kicked back to July 6. On top of this, they have come up with a marketing strategy that they think will hopefully prove to be successful.


Image Courtesy: Ringing Bells http://www.ringingbells.co.in/

Image Courtesy: Ringing Bells http://www.ringingbells.co.in/

According to Mohit Goel, Ringing Bells will distribute 10,000 units in every state. The company will hold a lucky draw as many people have registered for multiple units. By doing so, the company plans to bring it down to one phone per person. While many still think that Freedom 251 nothing but a scam, Mr. Goel is seeking support from PM Narendra Modi under the Make in India initiative. He even plans to gift a Freedom 251 to the PM!

If we do the math, it looks like there will be one very lucky person in every 350 registered buyers! The odds are pretty high and it seems that Freedom 251 is indeed a hard-to-get device!

Best of Luck if you are the one who has ordered.

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