You Will Love The Makeover Of These Crosswalks

We all love the colors of rainbow, sometimes we get lost in the beauty and spunk created by it around us. But what will happen if you will find your usual boring pedestrian got a makeover and that too with rainbow like patterns. Something like that happened in Madrid where a Bulgarian artist source link  Christo Guelov attempted the task of painting the see url simple crosswalks into a piece of street art.

He did two series on pedestrians named Funnycross and  depo provera cost in ontario Funnycross-II. His idea was to give an urban touch to zebra crossings. Using simple geometrical designs and sopped colours emphasised the specific gesture and creates awareness among the people for the use of zebra crossing more and more.

No wonder Guelov has a larger vision for his seemingly upright zebra crossing series. He started these projects as visual impact of the crosswalk to improve both driver and pedestrian focus.

Scroll down to see more of these beautiful creations:

crosswalk-art-funnycross-christo-guelov-madrid-8 crosswalk-art-funnycross-christo-guelov-madrid-9 crosswalk-art-funnycross-christo-guelov-madrid-31 funnycross_05 funnycross_06 funnycross_09 funnycross_10 funnycross_11 funnycross_13 funnycross_15 funnycross_ii_01 funnycross_ii_02 funnycross_ii_03 funnycross_ii_05 funnycross_ii_06 funnycross_ii_08 funnycross_ii_10 funnycross_ii_12 funnycross_ii_13 funnycross_ii_14 funnycross_ii_15

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