This Video Aptly Shows That Women Never ‘Ask For It’

go to site Every now and then, we get to hear about another gruesome incident of sexual assault, more horrible and disgusting than the last one. People discuss, sympathize, talk about such incidents for the next few days on social media, on primetime news debates, or at the sutta corner of your office… Unfortunately, it doesn’t take too long for such a soul-stirring incident to get buried under timelines of photo updates of people showing off what they ate for lunch. Meanwhile, some geniuses–who are immune to logic and who have renounced humanity–are blaming the victims of such god-forbidden crimes.

As we speak, the gruesome Bengaluru mass-molestation case had just happened! People criticized, showed their indignation and disgust, and sympathy for the victims through social media. Even after this incident, many people are still trying to
evade the issue by blaming the modern lifestyle: what women wear, what they eat, drink, and where they go. To make it a little more simple for such people to comprehend the real issue, Cinemonkz has come up with a video to make understand that it’s not the victim’s fault and that they don’t “ go here ask for it!

Watch the video:

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