Stand-Up Before You Watch A Movie In Theatre: Supreme Court

Congratulations to every Indian!!! Supreme Court of India has come out with the new criteria for judging your patriotic feeling. Next time when you are going out on a date make sure you wear patriotic feeling in your heart. Ohhh! Rather everywhere visible or invisible on your body. As soon as you hear Jan Gana Mana, leave apart anything else, you have to stand up to give respect to your motherland. Leave your girlfriend’s hand and stand-up, if you don’t want to get thrashed. But Movies are meant for entertainment. Isn’t it? Anyway…


SC new ruling will make you anti-national if you don’t stand next time in a theatre. What is the level of passing the grace marks we are just checking that you won’t declare us ANTI NATIONAL? 

The new SC ruling states, “When the national anthem is played, it is imperative for everyone to show honour and respect. It would instill a sense of committed patriotism and nationalism“, it will be mandatory for everyone to stand up and pay respect to the national anthem.

But why only in movie theatre? Why can’t we play it every time before the PM speaks? Parliament and Court should also play it in the morning, in fact before beginning of each session in the day to bring nationalist feelings within everyone. Why can’t we play it in all Government offices before the day begins, so that everyone can work for the nation without involving in corruption? Isn’t it a good idea to play it before any National & International conference happening in India?

To stand-up or not is the question? Last year in November a Muslim family based out of Mumbai was thrown out of theatre for not standing to the national anthem.


Muslim family being thrown out of cinema

Salil Chaturvedi a paraplegic, he was kicked of a Goa theatre for not standing on the national anthem.


Salil Chaturvedi

If you are forcing someone to stand for national anthem the battle is already lost, you can’t force someone to wear their patriotic feeling on their sleeves.

The above two examples are not defence or not an escape for not standing. We always have high regard and respect for national anthem, but we are against this force, which compels us to do things.

If you DO NOT trust, see how social media was buzzing against the SC order:

If you feel something is left unsaid, you can complete it in comment section (that too without standing before writing).

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