CCTV Footage: Son Drowned In Pool, Mom Was Too Busy With Her Smartphone

With time this generation has moved far from where we were 2 decades before, and credit goes to technologies around us. And one of the most common inventions we can see around is cellphone.

Undoubtedly it has empowered us on the move, but another side is that we became too much dependent on it. Everywhere we go, we can see others how badly they are glued to the screen of their smartphones, even when people need to pay attention around. Unfortunately this mother realized it too late, that too after losing her son.

This four-year-old boy drowned tragically in a pool operated by China’s state running travel agency HKCTS. Ms. Xiao from Shaanxi was too busy in her smartphone when this tragedy took place. As seen in the CCTV Footage, Ms. Xiao was playing on her mobile phone just 2-3 meters away from her drowning son.

After struggling for around three minutes, the boy drowned in deep water. Ms. Xiao realized later that his son is missing after she was done with her phone and sought help from the pool staff. After looking for little boy, they found his dead body.

Local police is investing the case and yet to release an official statement. While in the meanwhile the swimming pool is shut due to this accident.

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