Man Shares Scary Video Of Objects Flying Off In His ‘Haunted’ House

Does anyone has ever noticed all those haunted programs on TV or the stories of the haunted house? What if someone says that he actually experienced all those paranormal activities at home. Sounds scary!! Well, it’s true. Here you can read and watch the real story and video of Mr. Rusty Johnson, who has experienced something weird at home in his absence. 

Mr. Rusty Johnson from North Carolina reaches his home in Fayetteville and finds some objects are out of place. Usually, it happens when you have a pet or a child at home to displace objects. But what if neither exists, rather no one is at home and windows are locked properly that doesn’t even allow freaking breeze? This incidence makes him surprised and he became very conscious of the activity that happens in his haunted house.

Mr. Johnson decides to record what happens at home in his absence. Usually, he felt someone’s presence around him, but he wanted to see the existence of non-existing mate at home.

Finally one fine day he found some belongings were scattered all over, and as expected he had left a camera on to record all activities. And what he saw after pressing play, I’m sure he was not completely prepared for it:

Now Mr. Johnson is recording the paranormal activities of this house to collect enough evidence so that he can break the lease to move out of this haunted house.

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