Rio Olympics 2016: PV Sindhu Storms into Final of Badminton Women’s Singles

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The day in India began with lots of expectations from girl, but who knew this is going to be that stormy with every shot of racket girl PV Sindhu. Sindhu was playing her semifinal with Nozomi Okuhara of Japan. Sindhu won the game with straight 2-0 (21-19, 21-10).

There was not a single dull moment during the entire semifinal match, although Sindhu was all the time in game with her attacking mode. Since beginning she was leading in the game. Within 5 minutes of beginning Indian player had lead of 4-1, although the little Okuhara tried her level best to come over, and made it 8-6 in next five minutes. You can imagine the pace of the match that first game got over with 21-19, by giving lead to Indian shuttler.

Dominating Sindhu began the second game by crushing 3-0 within two minutes after break. Alas! Something didn’t go well with Gopichand disciple, score table turned around with some unexpected scores in between like: 3-3, 5-5, 7-5, 7-7, and 10-9. Sindhu somehow managed to lead by 11-10 till the break-time of second game.

But the coach P. Gopichand, who himself is a Dronacharya Award winner, gave some winning mantras to her. Afterwards there was nothing on the court, which could stop Sindhu by putting a tricolor impression into the Final of Women’s Singles of Badminton in Rio Olympics 2016. She finished the battle with final score of 21-10. Till the time Okuhara realised what’s happening, India was in Final.

Now the final hurdle between India and its first buy gabapentin without prescription Gold Medal from this Olympics is Carolina Marin from Spain, whom PV Sindhu will face in final. Carolina is holding the first position of World Ranking in Badminton Women’s Singles. But nothing is impossible if you dream high. So let’s hope the best player of the match wins the Gold.

click here Just for your information, Sindhu has beaten Carolina in past.   😀 

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