“India, a rape capital country” A myth portrayed by western media

India, a rape capital country or is just a myth portrayed by the western media?

Let’s put the emotion aside and prove it logically to them who think INDIA is a rapist country’. The below graphic shows India is much more secure and safe than most of the western countries.

rape capital


India has been categorized as one of the ”countries with lowest per-capita rates” when it comes to rape cases. According to the data released by UN, in India, 1.8 rape cases were reported per lakh population. In Brazil, it is 21.09 per lakh population and in the case of the USA, 27.3 rape cases were reported per lakh population which is far greater than India.

However, it shows the USA has 16% more rape cases than India. It is also estimated that a large number of rape cases in India are not reported by the victims. If we consider only 50% cases are reported in India, still, USA is 8% unsafe as compared to India. And if there is still any doubt regarding this data and those who think western countries reports all the rape cases, can go more clear insights provided by Independent, a UK-based news agency.

The total population of the USA is approximately 25% of the total population of India but if we see the number of rapes per year – it is much higher than India.

rape capital

It might find very strange but New Delhi is much safer than New York. In a survey report, out of 118 countries, India ranks 94th if we talk about rape.
A country should be judged on data, not on the basis of the media hypocrisy and sensationalization. 


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