Meet Yana, The Adorable Two-Faced Cat

You must have faced many of two faced people in your life, and you may think that being two faced is a bad thing. But what you have to say about this cat Yana that is a two faced cat and literally has two faces. As you can see, this cute two faced cat has the most astonishing unique markings.

At first sight, you may think photos of Yana are photoshopped, but this is not the case.

The cat came in the lime-light through a classified advert in a Belarussian website named as Nasha Niva back in July 2016. The advert was posted to find her a new owner, and soon she got one!

An architect and design student, Elizabeth from Orsha, Belarus, adopted her. Now she is living in her new abode with her loving owner.

 She is not less than an internet star with over 16k followers on Instagram! This is not surprising for me. How could you resist yourself to love that face?


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