India Grooving on Noteban Tunes And PM Modi’s Lyrics in This Wedding Season

As the whole India saying goodbye to the old 500 and 1,000 rupee notes these days, meanwhile plenty of jokes and memes are overflowing over the Internet.

Parody videos like that of Hitler reacting to demonetization were killing us already with its humor but that is not all. To continue that laughing ride of yours we brought a set of few more songs on noteban and praising the PM Modi’s decision.

As we all know this is the peak of the wedding season and it got affected badly by the noteban. Whereas on the other side there are these songs based on noteban, which will drive you crazy and push you to the dance floor by giving a reason to sing and dance.

These parody songs are quite in demand in Indian wedding these days and are also trending high in social media. Wedding and note ban have created a hilarious combination.


  Bhojpuri Version


Rajsthani Version

Haryanvi Version

Marwari Version

Desi Hip-Hop

And last but not the least

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