Google, Netflix, and Twitter are set to fight against Trump’s Muslim ban

go Three US technology giants Google, Netflix and Twitter have come up together to seek legal strategy against President Donald Trump’s immigration policy to ban refugees and Muslims of 7 countries. The major concern these technology firms have is the ordered immigration policy is barring people from these predominantly Muslim countries even if they have valid visa or green card. These three companies have a number of immigrant employees originally from these countries.

enter site Here is an interesting fact to underline the significance of immigrants in the US based tech companies – Google’s PPC is the core source of revenue for Google and this was what that saved Google in 1999 when it was seriously considering to shut down. But Salar Kamangar originally emigrated from Iran came up with the idea of selling relevant ads on Google. Another Google employee Omid Kordestani, also born in Tehran, Iran is credited to figure out the execution of this business. Needless to say, these two Iranian immigrants saved Google. A Google employee speaking to CNN says, “Google values the talent who have worked and working hard to bring a change the world, no matter they are immigrants from a Muslim majority country. Google is very much determined to stand against this policy in due respect to Salar Kamangar and Omid Kordestani.”

source url Google, Netflix, and Twitter initiated talks to seek the legal strategy and other firms like Adobe Systems, Dropbox, Etsy, Mozilla, Pinterest, Reddit, Salesforce, Yelp, SpaceX, and Zynga are also likely to participate.

fight against Trump's Muslim ban

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zantac prescription dose Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai and Facebook’s CEO Mark Jukerburg have already expressed their concerns over the ban.

Notable here is that the order signed on Friday suspends the arrival refugees for at least four months and three months ban on travelers from seven Muslim-majority countries Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen.

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