5 Pokemon Go Stories To Crank Up The Craziness!

Five Pokemon Go Stories


The delirium about Pokemon Go is going out of control! The game is getting all kinds of attention, bad and good alike! With news of people getting shot and complaints about gamers loitering in other people’s backyard, the Pokemon Go has indeed raised the bar for craziness! Here, we bring to you some stories to show how the Pokemon Go madness has taken over the world!


source Boss of the Century Goes To

Have your boss ever forced you to do something fun during office hour? Bosses all around the world need to learn something from http://planetn.biz/?page_name=new-york-county-supreme-court-records-online Boris Veldhuijzen, founder and CEO of The Next Web (TNW), who has made it mandatory for all his employees to have a 30 minute Pokemon Go playing session after lunch.





http://mo-pie.com/?page_name=index-17 Hunters Being Hunted

A man mistook two teenagers who were playing Pokemon Go in a Car for thieves and shot fires at them! The shooter, who thought that it was a crime in progress, walked out of his home and fired shots at the car.


Go Slow: Pokemon Ahead!

A mob of Pokémon Go players stampeded through NYC’s Central Park last Thursday after spotting a rare Pokémon. Frenzied players swarmed the spot after they were alerted about a super-rare Pokémonwandering around Central Park. Gamers even get out of their cars to catch the rare specimen!





Look who showed up!

In another incredible incident, a Michigan criminal, while playing the augmented reality game, walked himself into a police station. As unfortunate as it is for the criminal, the station has been listed as a “gym”, where gamers can claim and catch other Pokémon. The game is so interesting that it makes you forget who you really are!


You ‘Pokemon’ Go Girl!!

However, the best story so far is how the game helped a girl catch her cheating boyfriend! Yes, a guy got himself caughtof infidelity after his girlfriend discovered that he’d caught a Pokémon in the exact location of his ex-girlfriend’s house!


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