WATCH: The Famous Pakistani Chaiwala is Back with His Own Music Video

is it safe to buy Lyrica online Pakistan’s blue-eyed chaiwala, Arshad Khan few days ago was all over the internet after a photographer posted his photo online. He is back with his debut music video named as “Chaiwala” is going viral on social platforms. Usmais Khan directed this music video is based on the life of a chaiwala and about how his good looks alluring the girls all over the world. The 18-year- old blue-eyed teenager became an Internet heart-throb after Islamabad based photographer Jiah Ali found him in the city’s Sunday Bazaar. Jiah Ali clicked Khan’s picture and posted the same on Instagram that went viral.

source link After that he became the talk of the town and doesn’t need an introduction. He shot to fame immediately. After that he got some modelling contracts with big shots.