MS Dhoni’s Crazy Fan Breaches Security To Touch His Feet, Video Goes Viral

The CAPTAIN MS Dhoni was playing first warm up match today for India-A against England at the CCI Stadium in Mumbai. The earsplitting roar gone up and up when Dhoni walked towards pitch to bat. Dhoni hits 68 runs of 40 balls, out of which 23 was made in the last over itself.

Even while Dhoni was going slow comparatively to his Dhoni style batting, the crowd kept boosting him with their level of noise. But actually what crossed all the limit of respect, when a man breached the security and ran towards Dhoni on pitch, just to touch his feet. Captain cool remained calm and offered to shake hand before security responded.

Undoubtedly later security escorted to this fan off the field, but at the same time many of us were imagining ourselves instead of him.

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