WORLDWIDE VIRAL: CNN Anchor Broke Down With News Of A Boy & Bomb

Remember Alan Kurdi, the Syrian boy who drowned last year in Mediterranean Sea?

Picture of his dead body at the Turkish beach, which was taken by Photo Journalist Nilüfer Demir, made global news. That picture ashamed not only few nations, but also to the humanity.

Now this time the 5 year old, Omran Daqneesh has become a symbol of horror in Syria. His Face covered with dust and one side covered with blood has gone viral to describe the horror of war. The CNN report shows how Omran was brought out from debris of building, which collapsed after an airstrike. He didn’t cry even once, wiped his face considering dust, but when he saw blood stained palm, he tried to clean it without even realising what went wrong. And while the news of Omran was being played on International broadcaster, CNN, the anchor couldn’t control her emotion.

Anchorönbrunn-Vienna-2006-Entry-March-Trumpet-Voluntary(sqAU-unlO9M) Kate Bolduan got emotional and her voice started breaking while briefing on the story.

This nerves striking video was shot by Aleppo Media Centre after an airstrike. Aleppo is currently the target of Russia. Mainly the civilian area held by rebellion is on the radar of Air Force.

Hope this time Russia realises how humanity is in threat with the weapons, which are being used to combat terror.

And As far as go Kate Bolduan is concerned, we should realise that behind the camera a journalist is also a human and they also have a heart.


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