#Brexit > #Bremain, Bye Bye EU: Divided Britain

http://apacheip.com/contact/el-dorado-arkansas-office/ Britons have voted for referendum on Thursday with a total turnout of 71.8%, no one has thought how 24th June 2016 will be recorded in the history of the World. The day has declared the mood of the nation, difference of 3.8% between the #Brexit and #Bremain has declared the fate of the United Kingdom and broke-up the affairs of more than four decades. Although there are provisions of another referendum which might decide whether Britain will exit from EU or not, petition urging for the second referendum has already crossed two million signatures within 24 hours.

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Apart from the Geographical implication, which will take two to three years that depends on the negotiations with EU, but the decision has affected the global market within day, #Brexit turmoil has gulped $2 trillion. The pound has also crashed and reached to the lowest position of last 31 years, the tremor of global market could be felt across the World, in India itself Sensex has slipped down by 605 points as well as NIFTI, which dipped by 182 points.

PM David Cameron has announced his resignation in his emotional speech, and also thanked all #Bremain supporters who worked in the national interest by putting the differences aside.




At another side Nigel Farage of UKIP declared it a fight against multinationals, big merchant banks, big politics, lies, deceit and corruption. And later also favored to declare the date as bank holiday and Independence Day.

In midst of everything the social media didn’t miss the chance to witness the history and trolled thru out the day in there own way, here is the glimpse:


I think I’ve goofed up: #Brexit supporter



OMG, what did you do folks?


My Favorite game #Brexit-Brexit



WTF is this?


Boris Johnson, I know you can do it.



Now tell me, do you want bigger piece of cake or the smaller one?


No mumma, noooo…. Awwww…



By(e) the way, where is the queen?


See, am everywhere, despite defeat.



My referendum, my mood.


Ooopppsss… he might have network issue in his chopper, didn’t get the full info.



And finally, enough of serious round table meetings; the World is looking forward for an entertaining diplomacy.


Sources: The Telegraph UK & BBC


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