Baba Ramdev And PM Modi’s Jugalbandi On ‘Humma Humma’ Is Hilarious

Have you seen or heard ‘Humma Humma’ song from the upcoming movie ‘OK Jaanu’. These days it’s a topic of debate over the social media for remixing this 90’s super duper hit song. Few love its new version while other calling it a scrap. But in the midst of this debate someone gave it a totally different angle, which is quite hilarious.

Nobody would have ever imagined of Baba Ramdev and PM Modi together in it. But someone just made a video in which Baba Ramdev dubbing of ‘Humma Humma’ song from ‘OK Jaanu’ and you would fall in love with it. It’s crazy.

Peeing Human, uploaded this video, which is showing a different type of connect between Baba Ramdev and PM Modi, is going to make you laugh hard. Expressions and timings both are superb. I don’t want to spoil the fun so watch it yourself for a laughter ride.


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