5 Offbeat Indian Destinations You Should Head to This Summer

India is a place that is known for its colorful cultures, climate, languages etc. Here are the 5 most fascinating offbeat Indian destinations, you should make a visit for an uncommon and life-changing experience.


offbeat Indian destinations

Parvati Valley, one of the most beautiful valleys in the north Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. The Parvati Valley runs eastwards, through a lofty sided valley from the town of Bhuntar, in the Kullu region. Going through Manikaran, there are many interesting spots to visit close to the valley.

It is believed that Lord Shiva has medicated in the pine forest of ‘Kheer Ganga’. The another tourist attraction is the Pin Valley National Park which is known for its resident wildlife population including the snow leopard. The best time to visit in the Parvati Valley is from March to May.



offbeat Indian destinations

Mirik is a beautiful traveler spot situated on the quiet slopes of Darjeeling located in West Bengal. It is the central command of Mirik subdivision. The name Mirik originates from the Lepcha words Mir-Yok signifying “put consumed by flame”.

Mirik has turned into a well-known backpackers destination for its atmosphere, characteristic excellence, and simple availability. The focal point of all fascination is the Sumendu lake, encompassed by a garden named Savitri Pushpaudyan (after Savitri Thapa, a saint fighter of INA) on one side and pine trees on the other, connected together by a curving footbridge called Indrani Pool (named after Indrani Thapa, a saint officer of INA). A 3.5-km-long street circles the lake and is utilized for strolls with the perspective of Kangchenjunga on the far skyline. Sailing on the interesting shikaras and stallion riding is accessible. The best to visit in Mirik is from mid-March to end May and from mid-September to December.



offbeat Indian destinations

Bir is a small village which is located in Himachal Pradesh. It is also known as a ‘ Paragliding Capital of India’. Bir is the take off site for paragliding and Billing is the landing place, therefore it is togetherly called as Bir-Billing. Bir is a place where one can enjoy the ecotourism, spiritual studies, and meditation with full devotion. Bir has become the home for the Tibetian refugees with several Buddhist Monasteries. Fine Tibetan handi specialty is likewise delivered here. One who loves adventures can also experience hang-gliding, trekking and camping over here.


offbeat Indian destinations

Bundi was already called ‘Bunda-Ka-Nal”; Nal signifying ‘limit ways’. It is said to get its name from a previous Meena tribe man called Bunda Meena. Later the district was administered by Rao Deva Hada who assumed control Bundi from Jaita Meena in 1342 and built up a regal state Bundi renaming the encompassing territory called Hadoti the place that is known for awesome Hada Rajputs. Bundi is home to the absolute most sublime royal residences, great strongholds, its baolis (which means water wells or step wells), haves, sanctuaries, and chhatris with cut columns.
Bundi is honored with a plenty of nature alongside an excellent example of waterways and lakes and some charmed waterfalls. The lushy terrains of this zone are host to a tremendous assortment of verdure. The beautiful views of Bundi have motivated a considerable measure of essayists and specialists. Arranged at a separation of 210 km from Jaipur and 35 km from Kota encompassed by the Aravalli Run on three sides, this city lies close to a limited canyon. A significant divider with four portals circles the city.



offbeat Indian destinations

The Spiti Valley is a frosty abandon mountain valley found high in the Himalaya mountains in the north-eastern piece of the Indian condition of Himachal Pradesh. The name “Spiti” signifies “The Center Land”, i.e. the land amongst Tibet and India.

The valley and encompassing district is one of the minimum populated locales in India and is the entryway toward the northernmost ranges of the country. Along the northern course from Manali, Himachal Pradesh or Keylong through the Rohtang Pass or Kunzum Pass separately, the valley lies in the North East of the Indian slope condition of Himachal Pradesh, and structures some portion of the Lahaul and Spiti locale. The sub-divisional central command (capital) is Kaza, Himachal Pradesh which is arranged along the Spiti Waterway at a height of around 12,500 feet (3,800 m) above mean ocean level. One of the oldest monasteries of the world includes Key Monastery and Tabo Monastery and is also Dalai Lama’s favorite.The residential area of Manali was the start of an ancient trade route to Ladakh and, from that point, over the Karakoram Pass on to Yarkand and Khotan in the Tarim Basin. The best time to visit Spiti is from May to October.

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