VIRAL VIDEO: This 4-Yr-Old Will Tell You The Problem Of New Year Resolution

We are in a(nother) New Year with lots of hope and expectation from coming days. It’s celebration time and in midst of all the merriment, it’s incomplete if we do not have any new year resolution. At times we plan to rework on unfinished desires, no matter either we leave it midway once again or don’t even think of any at all. In all this excitement, there are two challenges we face, first, to fix our resolution and second to fulfil it.

But if you think, there is nothing new about your resolution getting failed again and again. It’s okay. This little 4-year-old cute girl will heal all your pains that caused due to resolution failures.

We don’t know if she was reading any cue card or following a teleprompter. But one thing is for sure, that the gesture of this little pretty girl is going to steal your heart:

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